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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Digital marketing agency in Vizag
Leadraft Digital Marketing

Leadraft is a digital marketing agency in Visakhapatnam that provides a complete range of services. For years, we've been offering a diverse variety of services to customers across a broad range of sectors. For a variety of online marketing tactics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, Amazon store optimization, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), we offer consulting and management services. For more information, please visit our digital marketing services page. In addition, we provide professional web design and development services for both eCommerce and B2B businesses. So don't simply collaborate with any digital marketing firm; deal with a company that you can put your confidence in instead.

What is digital marketing, and how does it work?

Digital marketing, at its most basic level, relates to advertising that is provided via digital channels like search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications, among others. Digital marketing is the technique through which businesses promote their products, services, and brands via the use of various online media platforms. When it comes to product research, consumers primarily depend on internet tools. For example, Think with Google's marketing insights discovered that 48 per cent of customers begin their queries on search engines. In comparison, 33 per cent go to brand websites, and 26 per cent search inside mobile apps.

While modern-day digital marketing is a massive system of channels into which marketers must integrate their brands, advertising online is far more complicated than the channels themselves, as the following chart shows. Therefore, marketers must delve deeply into today's large and complex cross-channel world to find tactics that affect engagement marketing to realize the full potential of digital marketing. It is the technique of developing meaningful connections with prospective and returning consumers based on the data you gather over time, known as engagement marketing. By interacting with consumers in a digital environment, you may increase brand recognition, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and position your company at the forefront of the customer's mind when he or she is ready to purchase.

By implementing an omnichannel digital marketing strategy, marketers may get essential insights into the habits of their target audiences while also opening the door to new ways of consumer interaction. Additionally, businesses may anticipate an increase in employee retention. Consumers who interact with businesses across several channels are more likely to stay with them.


What We Do is as follows:

Our job is to take your brilliant ideas and turn them into digital solutions that meet your specifications as the best digital marketing agency in visakhapatnam.

Website Development for Businesses

Leadraft offers a one-stop full-service solution for all of your business website design and development requirements.

E-Commerce Website

Our professionally designed and functioning eCommerce websites can keep your target audience interested while also encouraging them to purchase goods or use services from your company.

The website that is tailored to your needs

The Leadraft team provides the most effective and personalized web design experience for your company, allowing you to reach your target consumers more effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing a website for search engines. We optimize your website's organic search results and implement an SEO plan that will place your website at the top of search results.

Marketing through social media

We can interface with your consumers, help them develop relationships with you, and implement all of your social media platforms.

Pay Per Click (also known as PPC)

Developing a pay-per-click plan is a fantastic method to promote your company, and if you manage your Pay per click approach effectively, it may provide a positive return on your investment.

Content Marketing

Leadraft, as a content marketing firm, has the knowledge, ideas, and experience to help your company get the outcomes it needs to succeed.

Link Building

Backlinks assist in moving your website up the search engine results and increasing visitors. We promise that your backlinks will propel your site to the top of search results in a short period of time.

Email Marketing

Clients' interests and needs are taken into consideration while sending out Email marketing messages in real-time. By designing and delivering Email marketing campaigns, you can simply get your message into your clients' inboxes.

The following are the reasons why you should choose us as your digital marketing agency.


With all of our partners, Leadraft is committed to building open and honest partnerships. We offer frequent updates, with equal emphasis placed on the factors that have contributed to your biggest achievements as well as any areas where you might make improvements. You'll be able to see precisely what we're doing with your time and where your money is going since we understand that money doesn't grow on trees for small businesses like ours.


Although we are one of leading digital marketing firms, our primary focus is always the development and success of your company. And it is for this reason that we do not believe in resting on our laurels. So, in accordance with your needs, you will be given a professional account manager who will be hand-picked by our team of specialists. Every day and every month, they will be the driving force behind your campaigns, strategizing and fueling them from the ground up.


Being cheap is a matter of perspective, and the prices charged by a marketing firm may make all the difference to a small company. We can make your money work harder for you, no matter what resources you have at your disposal. We can avoid wasted ad expenditure and advise you on the most successful and efficient sales channels. But, more importantly, we work hard for you, with our proactive attitude providing precisely what you need without breaking the budget.


The majority of digital marketing agency in Visakhapatnam will tell you that they are fascinated with the latest trends. Trends, on the other hand, are only meaningful if they are relevant. Because we are your partner and have a genuine interest in your success, we are fascinated with your company here at Leadraft. We are motivated by results, and we design campaigns and innovative concepts to meet those needs. So, whether it is in your best interests to shift up a gear to capitalize on actual eCommerce dates or transition to a new platform, we are prepared to strategize and execute on your behalf.

Digital advertising in Visakhapatnam has become a critical component of current marketing tactics, and it should be a part of yours as well.

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, properly integrating digital advertisements will help you build your online presence and, as a result, nurture more conversions and sales. Digital advertisements provide your firm with greater visibility than ever before, allowing you to reach a considerably larger audience.

However, if your ads aren't well-thought-out, you're unlikely to receive the results you want. Every part of the advertisement must be considered in order for it to work in your favour, whether it is the design, channel, or messaging elements. To discover the best ways to produce and implement digital ads, we talked with professionals from across the digital advertising industry, as well as our own Leadraft Digital Marketing in Vizag thought-leaders, to compile a list of recommendations that will help any firm get the most out of their campaigns. We've got it all covered, from the top channels to the best-converting content.

Take a look at these strategies to see whether incorporating them into your own marketing strategy might help your business achieve the digital advertising outcomes you desire:

1. Creative Elements

Your business has aesthetic features that make it stand out from your competition. Make the most of it in your marketing efforts. Including a logo, mascot, font, or colour scheme might assist to make your brand more identifiable. You want to attract the audience's attention, but you also want to keep it and have them remember your brand.

2. Use your money wisely

It's critical to comprehend the value that each channel provides. When there is a definite demand for your product or service and you want to target people who search for it online, search advertising platforms like Google Adwords work well. For a firm that has invented a fresh and innovative product that has never been seen before in the market, search advertising is less effective. Each platform for Internet marketing has its own set of benefits.

You'll need to figure out which channels are worth investing more time and money in, and which ones aren't.

3. Do your homework

You may have notions about what will perform best for your audience based on previous ad experience, but it's critical to undertake comprehensive research and have facts to back up your decisions. You might expect your clients to perform in a specific manner, but they really act in completely another way. It's critical to be prepared ahead of time and to design your marketing approach based on the information you gather from your study.

Many people utilize sponsored posts and other forms of paid advertising, and it appears that many of them are content to pay the money and watch the views and hits come in.

Most platforms let you target your sponsored posts and adverts with precision, as well as set a time limit for them to appear.

4. The Purchasing Procedure

To more successfully reach people, understand the buyer journey and what you need to give them with at each point of the process. When it comes to viewing buyer analytics, there are a plethora of possibilities. You can observe every step a visitor takes on your website, as well as how much time they spent on each page and which pages prompted them to leave. Use this data to tailor your digital marketing to those individuals so that the procedure is simple for them and profitable for you.

5. Find out who your target market is

It's crucial to know who your target audience is and how to promote to them effectively. Before you try to market to them, you need to determine who you want to be your buyers. This is a vital element in any marketing campaign, whether online or offline, and it is a well-defined component of your brand that you can return to. This is why having a clear target audience is critical; you must know what they prefer and what they want in order to generate content that will hold their attention.

6. Connect Social Media Metrics to Return on Investment

You must be able to link your data to the immediate result it provides in order to determine which efforts are most effective. When you market online, you're reaching a wide range of people, which should be taken into account when evaluating your outcomes. Look at what is truly driving interaction with your organization versus what is marketing it.

7. All Marketing Channels Should Be Integrated

A consistent message is required to properly reach your target demographic. This entails ensuring that your advertisements are integrated across several platforms and that users receive the same message regardless of the platform. We understand that each social media source has its own mood and feel, so you should take the time to tailor your digital efforts to each one. Include any information that could be useful throughout the purchasing process!

Finally, for any firm trying to promote effectively to the right demographic, digital advertising can be the key to success. Try incorporating these approaches into your digital marketing strategy if you want to improve your strategies and broaden the reach of your current methods. While following these suggestions should help you increase your overall ROI in the near future, remember to stay on top of changes and variations in digital advertising, regardless of the platform or channel you're using.

Being proactive about it and staying up to date on trends can help you stand out from the crowd with the help of Leadraft Digital Marketing in Vizag.

Digital Marketing is one of the most sought-after activities people are looking for all over the globe. With few clicks, one can easily create a website in 60 seconds, ready to sell services & products and call oneself a new-age entrepreneur. But what if there is no traffic at all. You have your shutters open but no clients. You need to devise a methodology to lure visitors to your online venture and convert those leads to clients. This is where Digital Marketing Agency in Vishakhapatnam comes into the picture.

Nowadays, every other startup company claims to be a digital marketing agency. However, there are various factors that you need to look for before finalizing and handing over your company’s reputation for online promotion to someone else. Before that, you too shall be clear with your requirements. If you need to hire a digital marketing agency in Vishakhapatnam, be assured of your goals, time frame for the process, and the expected outcome. Following are a few of the factors that differentiate between any other mushrooming agency and a successful result-oriented digital marketing agency.

Check their portfolio

Every digital company would love to boast of its past successful record. Check the client list and the performance they gained with the help of hiring this company’s services. A good list of clients to support and credentials will assure you of quality work and better results. If such past records are not mentioned on their website, ask for one over email. However, if the budget is your constraint and wants to opt for the service from a fresh start-up company, you may not get the legacy of a proven record.

Team Strength

For any kind of digital marketing service, look for their team strength. It will give you an idea of the work pressure they can take. Moreover, different team heads for different sections make sure that your work is in safe and experienced hands. Certainly, you would not provide your logo designing task to some company that is an expert in Facebook marketing or so. Some companies may not provide details of all their team heads as one person may be looking after multiple sections. In case of confusion, do not hesitate to ask and clear doubts.