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The Celest - A Case Study on Leadraft's Performance Marketing for Real Estate Businesses


Leadraft was approached by The Celest, a foreign direct investment project and first-of-its-kind gated community spread over more than 7 acres, to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy. The objective was to generate leads, establish the brand presence, create an engaging website, manage social media platforms, and drive growth through effective marketing campaigns. This case study examines Leadraft's successful performance marketing efforts for The Celest, showcasing the strategies implemented and the results achieved.

Client Overview

The Celest is a foreign direct invested premium residential gated community, offering luxurious living spaces surrounded by vast landscaped areas in Vizag. The project aims to provide residents with a serene and exclusive living experience. The client sought to establish The Celest as a highly desirable living destination and generate qualified leads from potential homebuyers.

Challenges Faced

1. Brand Awareness: The Celest was a new development, and the challenge was to create brand awareness among the target audience in a competitive real estate market.

2. Lead Generation: The client desired a consistent flow of high-quality leads to maximize sales potential.

3. Online Presence: Celest needed an engaging website and effective social media management to attract and engage prospective buyers.

Strategy and Execution

1. Performance Marketing for Lead Generation:

- Leadraft conducted in-depth market research to identify target demographics, buyer personas, and key market trends.

- A data-driven approach was adopted to create customized advertising campaigns across various digital channels, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, ensuring maximum visibility to the target audience.

- Leadraft developed compelling ad creatives and optimized them to increase click-through rates and conversions.

- Advanced tracking mechanisms were implemented to measure campaign performance and optimize lead generation efforts.

2. Brand Setup

- Leadraft collaborated with The Celest's team to define the brand's unique value proposition and positioning.

- A comprehensive branding strategy was developed, including logo design, color palette, and brand guidelines, to create a consistent and memorable brand identity.

- Brand messaging was crafted to emphasize the exclusivity, luxury, and lifestyle aspects of The Celest.

3. Website Development:

- Leadraft designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website for The Celest, featuring high-quality imagery, detailed property information, and an intuitive navigation system.

- The website was optimized for search engines to improve organic visibility and drive targeted traffic.

- Lead capture forms and chatbots were integrated to enhance lead generation and user engagement.

4. Social Media Management and Growth Marketing:

- Leadraft created and managed social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to increase brand visibility and engagement.

- Engaging and relevant content, including visuals, videos, and articles, was shared to attract and educate the target audience.

- Community-building initiatives, such as contests, polls, and user-generated content campaigns, were implemented to foster a sense of belonging and increase organic reach.


1. Lead Generation:

- Leadraft's performance marketing campaigns generated a steady stream of qualified leads for The Celest.

- The conversion rate of leads into actual homebuyers surpassed industry benchmarks, showcasing the effectiveness of the lead generation strategy.

2. Brand Awareness and Online Presence:

- The Celest experienced a significant increase in brand awareness within the target market.

- The website witnessed a substantial increase in organic traffic, resulting in a higher number of inquiries and lead conversions.

- Social media platforms gained a substantial following, with increased engagement and positive sentiment.


Leadraft's performance marketing efforts for The Celest proved highly successful, achieving the objectives of lead generation, brand establishment, website development, social media management, and growth marketing. By utilizing a data-driven

approach, leveraging targeted advertising campaigns, and implementing effective digital strategies, Leadraft helped The Celest become a sought-after residential community within its market. The collaboration between Leadraft and The Celest demonstrated the power of comprehensive and well-executed digital marketing in the real estate sector, leading to tangible results and a competitive advantage.

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