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Case Study: Leadraft's Performance Marketing Strategy - Dharna Wellness Retreat, Pune


Dharna Wellness Retreat is one of the best and premium wellness centres located near Pune, Maharashtra, India. The centre offers various programs, including nutrition, yoga, and Ayurvedic healing therapies, through tailor-made programs. The company faced the challenge of attracting new customers and increasing its brand awareness in a highly competitive wellness industry.


The campaign's primary objective was to increase Dharna Wellness Retreat's visibility on Google and attract new customers. To achieve this, the marketing team set the following goals:

1. Increase website traffic by 25% in three months

2. Increase online bookings by 20% in six months

3. Achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 500% within six months


To achieve the set goals, the marketing team hired Leadraft, a performance marketing agency that specializes in Google search ads and re-targeting. The strategy was divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Google Search Ads

The first phase involved running Google search ads to drive traffic to the Dharna Wellness Retreat website. The ads were targeted to people searching for keywords related to wellness retreats, yoga, nutrition, and Ayurvedic healing therapies. The ad copy focused on the unique benefits of Dharna Wellness Retreat, such as its tailor-made programs, experienced teachers, and holistic approach to well-being.

The team used ad extensions to promote specific programs and services offered by the centre, such as personalized nutrition plans, yoga teacher training, and Ayurvedic consultations. The ad copy was tailored to each ad group, with messaging that emphasized the benefits of the program or service being promoted.

Phase 2: Re-targeting

The second phase involved re-targeting people who had visited the Dharna Wellness Retreat website but did not book a program. The team used Google's re-targeting feature to display ads to these individuals when they visited other websites that were part of Google's display network. The re-targeting ads used images and messaging that reminded potential customers of the benefits of Dharna Wellness Retreat and offered incentives to encourage them to book a program, such as a 10% discount on the first booking or a free consultation with a wellness expert.


The Leadraft team started the campaign by conducting keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords to target in the Google search ads. They then created ad groups with relevant keywords and ad copy tailored to each group. The team also implemented conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and optimize ad performance.

For the re-targeting phase, the team installed a Google re-targeting pixel on the Dharna Wellness Retreat website. They then created custom audiences based on website visitors who did not book a program and displayed ads to these audiences on the Google display network.


The performance marketing campaign was highly successful, achieving all of the set goals within the given time frames. Here are the key results:

1. Website traffic increased by 30% within three months, surpassing the goal of 25%.

2. Online bookings increased by 25% within six months, surpassing the goal of 20%.

3. The campaign achieved a ROAS of 550% within six months, surpassing the goal of 500%.


The performance marketing campaign using Google search ads and re-targeting by Leadraft was an effective strategy to increase the visibility of Dharna Wellness Retreat and attract new customers. The campaign's success was due to the team's meticulous planning, execution, and optimization, which allowed them to achieve the set goals within the given time frames. The campaign's performance demonstrates the effectiveness of performance marketing in the wellness industry and highlights the potential of digital marketing to drive growth and achieve business objectives.

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